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Soft and stone fruits


Cherries are stone fruits, since inside the the flesh there is a chery stone. There are sour cherries, which are mainly harvested mechanically and primarily are used for processing, and the so-called sweet cherries. Examples of sweet cherries are:

  • Vanda: Large somewhat spotted bright to dark red fruits with a very good taste.
  • Kordia: Large heart shaped intense dark red fruits with a longer storage life and an excellent aromatic taste
  • Karina: Very productive variety with red brown fruits and rather long stalk.
  • Regina: Large to very large intense dark red fruits with a good taste


Prunes are stone fruits with soft flesh. A plum is egg shaped and the colour varies from black blue to red and yellow. Prunes can be eaten with skin. The taste varies from tasty sweet to sweet sour or light sour. Some well known varieties are:

  • Opal: Medium sized, redblue on yellow skin with a very good taste.
  • Monsieur Hâtif: Rather large oval purple red fruit, good taste with a very specific aroma.
  • Jubileum: Very large oval purple red fruits. Tasty when ripe.
  • Reine Victoria: Large oblong fruits with red colour on yellow skin. Excellent taste.


The Dutch nickname for strawberries is "summer kings". In the summer we can offer large quantities of strawberries as Fruitveiling Zuid-Limburg. Strawberries have a nice sweet taste. Most available varieties are Elsanta, Portola and Florina.


Blackberries are closely related to the strawberries. Blackberries are slightly sweet fruits with a distinctive aroma. The flesh is sweet and juicy.


Redcurrants have a small crown and a diameter close to 1 cm. They grow in bunches and taste sour to sweet sour.