Fruitveiling Zuid-Limburg


Zuid-Limburg has a long tradition in growing fruits. Old orchards remind us of the times when fruit growing was an important income for the mainly mixed agricultural farms. Almost all larger villages in the region had their own fruit cooperative and in some villages even more than one.

Over time agricultural farms more and more specialized and the number of farms decreased.
Thanks to consolidation and an increase in scale, the surface used for fruit growing stayed however more or less equal. The specialization enabled fruit growers to grow with responsible care on a large scale today's high quality products.
These developments also affected the fruit grower cooperatives.

Coöperatieve Fruitveiling Zuid-Limburg B.A. is since 2000 the only remaining fruit cooperative of Zuid-Limburg. Our members, the fruit growers, are the owners of the Fruitveiling. They are being represented by an elected board. Our cooperative Fruitveiling consists of around 190 members, and the objective of the Fruitveiling is to take care of the interest of its members in the best possible way. First of all via the promotion, sales and distribution of their products. But also by reducing the overall production costs.